Baylor Freshman Could Spell Trouble For Mountaineers; Rest Of Country

This fall, incoming freshman Brittany Griner will be enrolled at Baylor University.

Griner, a six-foot, eight-inch center is one of the top recruits in the country and immediately makes Baylor a contender in the Big 12 conference as well as the nation.

Griner has an amazing skill set for someone her size. She can step out and hit a 15-foot jump shot or run the fast break. And being six-eight, she has a repertoire of dunks the world of women’s basketball has never seen. Honestly, I have never seen a girl be able to dunk flat-footed off two feet. Amazing. She has potential to be a game-changer for women’s basketball.

Luckily, the Mountaineers will not be facing Baylor in the regular season, but if WVU can live up to it’s expectations, there is no telling who they would square-off against in the “Big Dance” of the NCAA Tournament.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think.


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