Students Should Show More Support

In my four years as a student at West Virginia University, I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t attended many sporting events that weren’t men’s football or basketball.

I was raised watching those teams compete every week and fell in love with the “ol’ Gold and Blue”.  Only when I came up here did i realize the other student-athletes who give so much yet receive so little.

When I started working with the women’s basketball team two years ago, i saw how much the girls put in and the time and sacrifices they make. They practice for four hours a day, spend time in the weight room, go to class, do homework, and play in front of next-to nothing crowds.

My question is, do they not deserve better support? They are out representing our school and state, but no one seems to care win or lose. Why? Because they can’t dunk? I’ll give you that the talent level isn’t on par with the men’s team. But they show just as much passion and desire as any team in the country.

If we could pack the coliseum for every women’s home game, there is no telling what kind of players we could get in Morgantown. We could get the Candace Parkers and Brittany Griners. As fellow mountaineers, we have a responsibility to support our own.

It’s time we live up to that responsibility.


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