Transfer Campbell Ready To Make Impact

Korinne Campbell has spent the past year watching her teammates struggle through losses and celebrate victories, each with one thing in common. She could not be apart of it.

Campbell had to sit out this past season in compliance with the NCAA’s transfer rule, after transferring from the University of Minnesota.

I think Campbell has potential to have a break-out season this year.
She is a very versatile player who can score inside or from the the three-point line. Her athleticism is unmatched on the team and she can guard any position on the floor. I expect big things from her this year.

One of the things that impresses me most about Campbell is her work ethic. I have come to the Coliseum early in the morning and seen her on the court working on her game. Other days, I will be leaving work and she will be in the weight room working out. She just doesn’t seem to stop. I am a firm believer in “what you put in is what you get out”, and Campbell is poised to get alot out this season.

She will most likely be playing forward position, depending on the line-up Head Coach Mike Carey goes with, but which ever position she plays, there will be a match-up problem.

At six-foot, she has too much size for a small forward to guard and if she plays at the power forward position, she is too athletic to keep up with, so guarding her will be a big problem.

Hopefully, the rest of the Big East will have the same problem.


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