Versatility Could Be Mountaineers Theme For 2009-2010

One of the problems for the Mountaineers last season was lack of depth. There were times when certain players who weren’t ready to play a Big East schedule were forced to log heavy minutes simply because there was no one else.

This season, that shouldn’t be an issue.

With seven players returning from last season, they are all ready ahead of the depth chart last year. Throw in the three highly touted freshman and you have a recipe for success.

In the front court, Head Coach Mike Carey, has a myriad of options. For instance, he could go big and start six-foot five-inch center Natalie Burton, six-foot four-inch center Asya Bussie, and six-foot forward Madina Ali. Not many teams have two centers over six-foot four and that would be hard for teams to handle. Throw in Ali’s size at the small forward position and there won’t be many teams who could handle that much size.

If Carey wanted to go more for speed, he could start Bussie, Ali and transfer Korinne Campbell. Other than national power-house Connecticut, there won’t be many teams who could keep up with the speed of the Mountaineers.

In the backcourt, the Mountaineers don’t have as much versatility, but they are built for one thing: speed.

With Sarah Miles and Liz Repella coming back for their junior season, and freshman Akeema Richards just starting her career, the Mountaineers have a solid crew of guards.

Miles will most likely take over the point guard position, but depending on the learning curve of Richards in the pre-season, she could also play the shooting guard spot. Repella will most likely play the shooting guard role, but has the ability to play both forward positions.

As you can see, Coach Carey has his hands full with which line-up he is going to use. But I can think of worse problems for a head coach.


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